This wonderful massage technique combines the properties of essential oils and a soothing touch, making it a perfect source of relaxation. It not only reduces mental tension but also has powerful benefits for the body, helps with a wide range of conditions, fights cold and influenza, and soothes menstruation pains. The beautiful aroma of essential oils relaxes the body and mind by stimulating the senses. Essential oils rejuvenate the skin and stimulate blood circulation. This treatment has a long-lasting effect because the oils penetrate deep into the skin and continue working long after.

Hot Compression Balls (Extra $20)

Hot herbal compression or compression ball looks like a soft cloth ball, filled with several traditional herbs that are distinct for their relaxing and curing properties. It helps in energizing tired muscles after strenuous activities and reducing muscular soreness, bruises, and joint stiffness.

A special herb that is good for losing stretching tendon and ligament sometimes is also used.

The hot herbal compression ball will be gently placed on the painful area as well as all over the body.

Incorporate with the herbal ingredients, heat that is retained in the ball helps to stimulate blood and improve the performance of the lymphatic system

1 Hour 15 Minutes $115    Herbal Balls Xtra $20